August Updates – Selections, Screenings, & Awards!

It’s been over a month since my last post and I meant to push out updates on how my debut animated short film “Nursery Crimes Part One: The Ominous Overture” was faring in the festival circuit as I received them. However, like all best laid plans, sometimes life gets in the way and overwhelms us. Such is my plight, but I thought I would go ahead and post all of the news I’ve been hoarding in a single update now that I’ve carved out some time to do so. Below is a list of past screenings that have occurred this past month as well as forthcoming screenings, official selections, nominations and awards, and even a review! I also took a five-day motoring trip down the US East Coast down to Augusta, Georgia to attend the opening night of the Black Cat Picture Show and then continued on to Orlando, Florida to attend the live screening at Fantasm Orlando and also the awards ceremony there joined by my girlfriend. I spent about 34 hours in a car during that timeframe, with only one full day to kind of relax in the middle, and then went back to work — needless to say, it’s tough juggling an aspirational career on top of a full-time one!

Past Screenings:

Tylerman International Film Festival, 7 August, Wheaton Park, Illinois, USA

Bengaluru International Short Film Festival, 12 August, Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Fantasm Orlando’s Shockreel Cinema Film Festival, 19 August, Orlando, Florida, USA

Black Cat Picture Show, 20 August, Augusta, Georgia, USA

Upcoming Screenings:

Lebanese Independent Film Festival, 3 September, Beirut, Lebanon

SIN Film Festival, 4 September, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, USA

Official Selections:

Titan International Film Festival, Sydney, Australia

Nominations and Awards:

Cult Critic Movie Awards (CCMA) Movie of the Month “Animated Films” Winner July – August 2022, Kolkata, West Bengal, India

Fantasm Orlando’s Shockreel Cinema Film Festival “Best Visual Effects” Winner and “Best Direction” Nominee, Orlando, Florida, USA

SENSEI Tokyo FilmFest “Best Animated Film” Semi-Finalist, Tokyo, Japan

Lonely Wolf International Film Festival “Best 2D Animation” Nominee, London, UK


Cult Critic Film Magazine – August 2022

“Charles Kline’s world is one of sorrow, devastation, and darkness; however, the true uniqueness of his world lies in the direct juxtaposition of nursery rhymes, with visuals that are out of a child’s nightmares.”

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