TMFF – The Monthly Film Festival

Several years ago, I submitted the last two short films I’d created (“Frankenfriend” in 2017 and “Human Resources” the following year) to an online festival out of the UK known as TMFF – The Monthly Film Festival. I discovered TMFF on Twitter after a number of tweets I’d posted about film festivals I’d entered via Film Freeway were re-tweeted by this festival’s account on that platform. That certainly got my attention and I decided to enter my work after I read more about it, checked out the website, and was impressed by the films that had been selected and showcased in any given month. Although neither of the above films I sent to TMFF were selected, I knew that I would gladly submit to them again if the opportunity presented itself.

Flashing forward to 2022, I gave TMFF another go at the end of April with “Nursery Crimes Part One: The Ominous Overture” and couldn’t believe what happened transpired over the course of the next 31 days. Not only was my short film selected this time around, it was also an “Animation of the Month” nominee along with two other animated films and ultimately won for May 2022! I consider this particular development a valuable lesson in perseverance and how it can pay off when one least expects it.

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